Rod Ventura


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Rodrigo Ventura, Physiotherapist extraordinaire, was born in a little country in Central America called, El Salvador. He moved to Australia at the ripe old age of 2, with his Mum, Dad, 2 brothers, and Grandparents on his Dad’s side.

Rod comes from a diverse education background, having dabbled with Science at University for a year, before setting his sights initially on his Bachelor of Human Movement degree in 2006. Upon completion in 2008, Rod decided to move onto his Master of Physiotherapy degree, to which he began to find his passion.

Over the past 5 years, Rod has worked heavily in Aged Care, whilst maintaining a keen interest in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. During his time in Aged Care, his roles have evolved from a therapist, to a consultant, to a manager. All of which, have ingrained some foundational qualities, learnt at university, such as clinical reasoning and problem solving.

In early 2017, Rod found himself presented with an opportunity to work privately out of a room, thanks to the guys at Crossfit Beach Mode, and this brought forth the manifestation of Movement Theory.

Rod’s philosophy behind the name, was to provide a unique Physiotherapy experience which endeavours to remove any negative stigma the profession may have manifested over the years. Whether this involves short treatment sessions, the use of machines, or the lack of personable time in general; he understands that clients want to find value in the service they seek to obtain. And of course, see results!

Movement Theory is about empowering and educating clients, to take onus of their own physical well-being, and create a life where movement, is efficient, and pain free.

Rod has undertaken several professional development courses that moulds the therapist he is today. He is always looking to see where he can learn and grow his Physiotherapy skill-set. From daily reading, to enrolling in courses and listening to podcasts, his desire to better himself as a therapist, has developed into a passion. His most recent course, Neurokinetic Therapy, or NKT, has him obsessing over muscle imbalance and dysfunctional movement. Rod’s philosophy is all about treating causes, rather than symptoms.

Some of Rod’s hobbies and interests include Football (or Soccer, as we know in Australia), AFL, Travel, Music, Sneakers, (he calls himself a sneaker-head which is pretty embarrassing) Podcasts (yes, he is a bit of a geek at times) and generally having a great time socialising with Friends and Family.