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Movement Theory physiotherapists provide hands-on treatment options to assist in the management of a variety of clinical presentations. These include massage, joint manipulations, stretching, strengthening exercises and electro-therapy alternatives such as cryotherapy.

Initial consultations go for a duration of 1 hour, which gives therapists sufficient time to get a detailed history of the presenting issue/s. In most instances, there are no real ‘quick fix’ options to management, so follow up consultations will be required in order to manage the clinical presentation.

Follow up consultations are a unique, and extremely generous 45 mins in duration The session will consist of a variety of treatment options, best identified by the therapist. Movement Theory believes this unique approach to extended follow up treatment will manifest in faster recovery times. Gone are the days of seeing a physio who is treating multiple people at once, for 20 mins, and having a machine used throughout the entire time! Where is the value in that?

So whether it’s a sore knee, back, neck or shoulder, drop us a line and book in for an initial consultation!

Aren’t ready to commit, and just want to test the waters with an initial chat? Then how about you book in for a 15 min complimentary call-back from our Physiotherapist. At Movement Theory, we understand you might not be able to commit straight away, so this method will answer any questions, and make you understand if seeing us is really the right call for you.