Are you having trouble with the same niggle and/or injury and no one has been able to solve the issue? The answer may be right underneath your fingertips. Literally. Both superficially and deep, there is a skin underneath your skin that no one really remembers or talks about. It’s called fascia.

So What is Fascia?

Fascia is a layered web of collagen-based connective tissue found throughout the entire human body. If you’ve ever eaten meat, it’s the thin, yellowish white cellophane-like membrane that wraps around the meat. Fascia wraps individual muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, organs and nerves. It is essentially the glue that holds us together running from our head to our toes. However, it does not act like glue, unless you mistreat it!

Mistreating fascia can be from malnourishment & dehydration it becomes sticky adhering to the tissues around itself. Fascia can become malnourished through poor diet and dehydrated through poor water intake or lack of movement. Imagine a tight rubber band wrapping around your arm and cutting off both circulation and movement – that’s what fascia is doing to your body when dehydrated.

The Role of Fascia:

Fascia plays a major role in joint stability/instability, proprioception, coordination, strength, joint motion, flexibility, effective circulation and chronic pain. Your fascia adapts to the load and tension you provide it with your lifestyle including posture, exercise (or lack thereof). Healthy fascia is able to adapt to its environment by what’s known as “elastic recoil” – imagine the tightening of a rubber band and then suddenly letting go. It’s the spring back effect that makes healthy fascia so important for both strength, stability power and overall health.

Healthy supple fascia helps prevent injury by evenly distributing forces and loads evenly. An imbalanced fascial system causes the tissues to become disorganised and load to be distributed unevenly. This is often when pain and injury occur.

If you’re continuing to get niggles and your fascial system has not been investigated, perhaps it’s time to get some fascial work done!

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