Your current favourite sleeping position could be causing you back and neck pain as well as chronic fatigue. Here is the scoop on the best positions to for the best night sleep and less chronic pain.

1. The Best Position

Sleeping on the back: This is best for preventing neck and back pain, keeping acid reflux disease to a minimum and even helping to minimise wrinkles on the face, because you are not pressing your face against a pillow as you would if you were lying on your side. However, sleeping on the back is probably the worst position for snoring. So if you are a chronic loud snorer, you may want to avoid this position for your partner’s sake. Sleeping on your back helps your head, neck and spine to stay in a neutral position.

2. The Next Best Position

Sleeping on your side: This is good for overall health. It reduces snoring and helps keep your back elongated. If you have acid reflux disease (heartburn), then sleeping on your side is the next best thing to the back position. If you are pregnant, the best position is to sleep in your left side, which promotes proper blood flow.

3. The Worst Position

Sleeping on the stomach: This is not a good position for maintaining back and neck health as it forces you to have your neck turned in one direction while putting pressure on your head and neck from the pillow. Sleeping on the stomach makes it difficult to maintain a neutral position on the spine. However, stomach sleeping is the best for preventing snoring if this is a major problem for you. If you do sleep on your stomach, then the use of a very thin pillow is recommended to minimise the pressure placed on your neck.

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